Boosting a Worldwide Community through Video Ads

Jaumo came to Hypno in need of a video ad campaign that could reach audiences in different countries and make their community grow, on a monthly basis. A series of 16 videos translated into 6 different languages aimed to portray the key platform features: community, dating, audio rooms and security

The first step was to define the story we’d be telling in each video ad and choose the best design elements that could bring that story to life. Color pallet and branding were worked closely together in order to be able to guarantee an identifiable style among the different video ads in the campaign.

The challenge was to localize the video content without losing design excellence and keeping within budget and a tight time schedule. For that, Hypno created a personalized workflow that could apply localization almost automatically without requiring an expansion in budget and production time.


To develop a scalable workflow for a global video ad campaign where each asset could be reviewed and translated into several languages effortlessly.


A series of 90 video ads of stunning design produced and revised in 6 different languages, including multiple versions.


  • Management
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Proofing
These guys are the real deal! They made video creatives for a multi-language campaign and the result were beautifully designed, highly engaging video ads. From concept, storyboarding and delivery these guys handled everything.
Highly recommend.
Josh Glover • Head of Marketing • Jaumo

Seamless translation with no design loss

Accurate localization and seamless design adaptation were among the most important aspects for effectively reaching a global audience.

Branding system brought to life

One of the challenges was to bring Jaumo's new branding to life. We created a motion system that enhances Jaumo's unique personality and creates a recognizable brand message across media.


Client: Jaumo
Creative Direction: Josh Glover
Project Management:
Luciana Loureiro
Art Direction/Design:
Fernando Calvi
Filippo Marchetti

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