Hypno helps companies like yours to grow brand value with clear and meaningful communication.


To provide top-quality service, delivering effective communication for branding, marketing and events: to boost your branding by saying less but better. Tackling challenging projects is our thing and we like to exceed expectations at it.

While based in Barcelona, we aim to build a remote and flexible working environment which fosters collaboration among our team and clients worldwide, thriving in an efficient and fluid creative workflow.

End-to-end management

We dedicate fully to our projects, from concept and strategy to final media delivery.  

Marketing centered approach

The intelligent design of our videos is aimed to portray your product clearly, to increase engagement and retention rates.

Quality above all

Our client reviews speak for us: we never fall behind and always exceed expectations.

Close communication

We believe our clients' input and feedback is our primary source of inspiration by working closely as a team for our common goal.

Complex, made simple.

What people are saying about us

"I appreciated the workflow, process, and amount of thought that went into it all."
Brandon Adams
Executive Producer • Light & Heat
"We were impressed with Hypno's quality of work and out-of-the-box thinking."
Hugo Macedo
Founder and CEO • Smart Separations
“They were one of the best vendors I've ever worked with and I would hire them in a second.”
Aman Daro
VP of Marketing • T3 Sixty
"Quality of work and willingness to interact regularly."
Lisa Neff
Manager • Golgi Productions
"Their attention to detail and willingness to incorporate changes stood out to us."
Grace Baek
Operations • RheoSense
"We were impressed with the team's animation skill and ability to grasp complex treatments."
Joe Bailey
Director • LINC Medical Systems

If you are curious about our performance, pricing window or just want to see more client reviews check out our profile on Clutch.

Providing value worldwide

Questions & Answers

What is Hypno?


Hypno is a multidisciplinary collective of people devoted to the end-to-end process of motion design production, from project and concept development through creative direction to final video crafting.

What type of projects do you do? 


We are specialists in motion design animation, which can find many forms depending on the product or brand needs: explainer videos, tutorials and software walkthroughs, website animations and illustrations, video mapping for events, graphic packages for TV shows and social media, animated trailers and teasers, 3D product videos or even animated instructions of use.

Do you have a team?


We work with great collaborators worldwide across different areas of expertise, including marketing, project management, design, creative direction, scriptwriting, translation, and voice-over.

How much time does a video take to produce?


This will depend on the scale of the project we are diving into. However, as a general reference, an animated 1.30s video, can take about four to five weeks to produce, from concept to development. Your first briefing will allow us to estimate the production time more accurately.

How does your typical production process look like? 


We aim to involve fully with the project, from the copy to the final media. So, regularly, you'll approach and unfold your product or brand needs and we'll get to work on an effective visual media strategy. Once the focus has been defined, we will create the script and storyboard and carefully select the visual elements and details to craft an engaging, beautiful video. We thrive when working closely with our clients and enjoy close communication but can also work independently, so the level of your involvement is up to you.

What do you need to start a project?


Just to get us in touch in the way that suits you best and let us hear your brand or product communication needs. Then we can agree on the project terms and our service conditions, and from that moment we are ready to start working together.

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