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What are the different types of licenses?

Wrike has a variety of different options available to suit your team, including three types of user licenses – regular users, external users, and collaborators. For regular and external users, there is a charge per user. You’ll get 20 collaborator invites or 15% of your license count (whichever is greater) with no additional charge included with your subscription. If this is not enough, please speak with your Wrike representative to discuss other options.

Within these, there are full and guest licenses. A full license (regular users and external users) gives you access to every feature within your plan but external users are limited to certain access rights. However, a guest license (collaborators) only gives you some basic functions.

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What happens when my trial has expired?

Your account will be blocked until you choose what you’d like to do with it. From here, you can either downgrade it to the free version or reach out to your Wrike representative. They will be able to discuss the next steps for choosing a plan and whether a trial extension is possible.

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How do I purchase a subscription?

If you are a first-time user, just enter your business email at the bottom of the page to get your 14-day free trial. You can give us a call to get set up, or wait for one of our representatives to get in touch and find the right solution for your team’s needs.

If you already have a trial, you can purchase online for up to 15 users for Professional and Business plans with no add-ons in the ‘Account’ section in your workspace. For a larger number of users, you’ll need to contact your Wrike representative.

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