Accelerating cities’ transition to zero carbon economies

We were proud to support a thriving cause by helping to create a brand video for the launch of ClimateOS, a software that helps cities shift from high-carbon activities to low-carbon alternatives making their cities better places to live, work and thrive.

Being all of us in Hypno conscious and aware of the need to take immediate climate action, we were thrilled to get involved in developing a video that could showcase ClimateOS, and therefore participate in an indirect but useful way to make our world a better place.

The video needed to show not only how the software works but also the deep consequences that are related to making the decision to become a net zero city. So we had to work closely with ClimateView’s team to get in line with the product’s features and the company’s values and identity to ensure we crafted a well thought script and design scheme.

Color palettes were brought in and we worked on a minimalistic and elegant design, based on lines and arrows, showing through motion the concept of change and evolution.

Music was specifically designed for this video, based on particular elements and atmospheres ClimateView wanted to feature on their brand video.

The result was a clear, elegant, and touching video that portrays not only the software’s value but also the amazing potential for cities to take climate action.


Complex product features and information needed to be displayed in a clear, intelligible way while keeping a warm, personal tone when addressing the audience.


An inspiring, enticing video which efficiently reveals the product and its benefits while exposing the brand’s identity and core value.


  • Concept
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Music composition



Graphic Exploration

As part of the preproduction process, we generated multiple graphic explorations by iterating between the client's approach, branding and the specifics needs of the project.



Client: ClimateView
Executive Producer:
 Marek Birchley
Project Management: Luciana Loureiro
Art Direction/Design:
Fernando Calvi
Filippo Marchetti, Fernando Calvi
Music Composition and Sound Design:
Juan Moreno

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